The First Grade curriculum follows the California Common Core. Our Reading program combines whole reading and phonics. The textbook series we use is Pearson-Scott Foresman. We use Guided Reading with trade literature and big books. We read a story a week and other subjects such as phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and creative writing flow from that story. We also incorporate a leveled reading program called Reading a-z. This program allows the children to read many fiction and non-fiction books at their current reading level. Many other reading skills are taught through activities such as, DEAR Time, reading poetry, choral reading, story time and Partner Reading.

The Math program uses McGraw Hill, My Math text books. The main focus in math is addition and subtraction. We also work on telling time, place value, geometry and problem solving. We use manipulatives and do a lot partner work and hands on activities.

Prayer is a central theme at St. Joseph's. We begin each morning with prayer at the Morning Assembly. The children attend First Friday Masses and participate in many Prayer Services and Liturgies put on by the student body. We end our day with a Prayer Circle in the classroom. We also stress service to others by participating in many Reach Out projects. Our former Pastor also visits our classroom to speak to the children twice a month about up coming seasons and feasts in the church. Blest Are We is our religion text book. The major topics covered are Our Church Community, Our Loving God, God's Son Jesus,The Holy Spirit, and Jesus' Church of Follower.

California Science by MacMillian McGraw/Hill is our new science text. Some of the topics covered are Plant, Animals, Habitats, Weather, States of Matter and Changing Matter. The children also go to the science Lab once a week to participate in hands on science experiments.

The social Studies text by Scott Foresman called Time and Place. We cover Citizenship, People and Places, Our Country, Changes over time, Cultures and goods and Services.

Our curriculum is enriched with many Field Trips and guest speakers. We also provide many special classes such as Computer, Music, Drama, Art and P.E.